Ross Royce

New 10 track album “The New Global Cool” out now!!  

  •  Ross Royce album “The New Global Cool”
  • Also available is the album “Life Worth Living” & the 7-Track E.P “Get it Together” !

New Zealand singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist , radioplay on 32 U.S College radio stations & music featured in Hollywood Movies , U.S T.V and U.S Netflix !!

work here ,Ross Royce Rocks!!” – Tom Neely (IHM Hollywood)

“This is a living and breathing part today and tommorrow, woken by Ross Royce and put into action for his album. The title track kicks it all off perfectly and it smoulders, kicks and thrusts its way through all ten tracks. Excellent”.-Steve U.K Mag

“Ross Royce can be compared to Axl Rose for two reasons. Firstly, he has written almost every song on his album and played a majority of the instruments in a slightly fanatically devoted way,presenting the album less as a piece of art and more as a chunk of his psyche, laid out for all to see. Secondly, and slightly less maniacal, is his voice. Although not always present, at times Royce seems to step up a Rock Notch and break into the Rose-squeal-zone it would suggest that Ross Royce is cranking it up to 11 and getting on with it.” Simon Middleyard (Vanguard U.K)

Michelle Moore-‘Room Thirteen’ (C.D Universe) “The resume that Ross Royce holds is incredible. The resume that Ross Royce holds is incredible. He is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with an incredible talent of combining all the right ingredients to make a differing yet remarkably refreshing debut album. Based in Australia and New Zealand yet ready to take the UK by storm, I was astonished at how this release was mastered with so much talent, creativity and ambition. The album opens with the title track. This vibrant piece of work manages to explore the volatile side of music at just the right level of loudness that doesn’t explode but gives enough punch to get the crowd excited and on their feet . The chorus and verses are excellently delivered.This marvellous album was an unexpected pleasure for the ears. It’s the things you don’t expect that astonish and please and ‘Life Worth Living’ does just that.”

“Ross Royce puts it perfectly in his short, spoken word opening to “Mrs.Vain,” the second track off his album “Life Worth Living” – “this is rock & roll.” Royce, who creates most of the sounds that you hear on the album, spans the genre instrumentally and vocally. He seems to transform musically from track to track, ranging from the masterfully crafted piano rock sound of Ben Folds to an acoustic Bowie to a bluesy number reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughn,and finally to Floyd-esque space rock. The recording is clean, and allows each track to live up to its full potential. Ross’s vocals work well in these rock and roll tracks. The highlight of the album, in our view, is the three track block of “Suzanne,” “Hello People Pt.
2,” and “Suzanne’s Meditation.” The tracks flow, each a response to the next, and give a crisp space/arena/art rock
feel, thereby showcasing Ross’s excellent songwriting and instrumental talent. For people who enjoy listening to albums from beginning to end and vocal stylings that remind you at once of the eighties and indie artists like Art Brut and Bloc
Party, check out what this creative CD.” 
– Chris and the Reviewer Team